Retro Runners

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Retro Runners is an endless run game for mobile platforms.

It was my first game ever, I’d learn programming while doing this game and I was a sole programmer, so I’ve learned a LOT doing this game.

Retro Runners iOS 512

I designed it with a lot of passion, I wanted to make a quality product that could be loved and profitable, it couldn’t be just a rip-off of Subway Surfers and Temple Run.

I brought a lot of influence from Nintendo, Atari and 80s culture to the game.

For the first 6 months we gained around 50k users and fans over Android and iOS. That was pretty impressive for a first game, but the real achievement was when we got featured on Google Play, in January 2014, that brought us hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and enabled me to invest in new softwares, plugins, this website and my travel to GDC 2015.

As months passed I updated the game with new content, bug fixes and more friendly monetization (like rewarded videos).

Despite being my first game, I included achievements, leaderboards, cloud saving, interstitial ads, video ads and everything that came into my mind.

So this is it, now get ready for a big challenge in this awesome racing game with a nostalgic 8-bit style!

Web Version (simplified)

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