Multi-language game (Unity)

We'll need: – a public static Dictionary that stores all of the game's words – a public static Function that sets the game language – a public static Function that gets words from the Dictionary when you need them So first... create a C# public static class named LanguageDictonary: The first function, SetLanguage (), MUST be called at the beginning of the game, to set the language. … Continue lendo Multi-language game (Unity)


Integrating In-App Purchases for BlackBerry 10

In this tutorial, I will teach how to integrate BlackBerry's official In-App Purchases plugin for UNITY. Read EVERYTHING with attention, and pay special attention to the RED paragraphs, which will provide you vital information and save you from future trouble. This tutorial will follow this order: Creation of products at BB's Vendor PortalImport the In-App Purchases plugin into Unity projectIntegrate the … Continue lendo Integrating In-App Purchases for BlackBerry 10